Saturday, July 26, 2008

Under-loved under-owned

For GT Blog July 25, 2008

The recent out performance of the US Health & Biotech groups should get the TSX Health Care Index on the move to recovery – note the support at the 34 level on the TSX Health Care Index – look for an initial bounce to 42 followed by a new bull market

This group is currently under-loved and under-owned

Some components:

Company Name Symbol
Biovail Corporation BVF
Cardiome Pharma Corp. COM
CML HealthCare Income Fund CLC.UN

Other candidates
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals ANP
Patheon Inc PTI

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

I have been reading your comments lately, and I was wondering if you believe that the 2007-2008 bear market is close to finishing within the next 6 months. The bullish percent for the S&P is improving. On the other hand, the Dow has had weekly closes below its 200 week moving average. If the index moves down past that support level, could we see a downside to something like the 200 month average, which was what we saw with the Nasdaq in 2003? I am also curious if the turnaround will involve a session in which 90 percent of the stocks will go to the upside. Would you see that as a viable signal?

Finally, if American elections have an impact on certain sectors, would you say that the health/care biotech sector would be under pressure should a "certain someone with certain promises" get into office?

Thank you very much again for your blogposts.Very insightful.