Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For GT Blog October 13, 2008

More on Crisis – What Crisis?

Well - you have two choices

Buy some gold bars, and hide in mommy’s basement with your latest scary issue of the Globe’s Report on Business


You can look for stuff that was sold by investors who now are hiding in mommy’s basement

The TSX Information Technology sector has been sold down to the Head & Shoulder neckline built through the bottom of 2002-2003

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Anonymous said...

Well, what someone does now or does not, whether the crisis has been dealt with or not at this point in time, whether toronto's IT sector goes to the moon or the deppths of the earth, does not change the fact that your methods failed to see the cisis for what it was.

Your reluctance to accept that failure means that you do not even see it as a failure on the part of your system. That would make your system even more dubious that it was before.

No need to send any one to mommy or poppy, just that your system failed to correlate an extemely distressed financial credit system with the general stock market.