Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For GT Blog November 12, 2008

Here we are at 3pm Wednesday November 12 and the TSX Composite is down 476 points - and when I look at the most actives I see nothing but red ink

Wait a minute - the forth most active - Bombardier is unchanged

Could it be the market is waking up to the beginning of a new dominant theme? A theme that will replace an old dominant theme?

The "old" dominant theme was the post war automobile - super highways and urban sprawl boom - and is now a broken model

The new dominant theme is one of mass transit - subways and commuter trains
The Bomber is the beneficiary and the global auto manufactures are the bag holders.

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chrispycrunch said...

I have been a fan of Bombardier for quite a while. Do you have any concerns about its plane business? Airlines are a losing proposition, and BBD would only benefit should the fleets be replaced by their more efficient new planes.