Monday, December 29, 2008

For GT Blog December 29, 2008

Do you need an ETF Portfolio Makeover?

Here is the problem

There are too dam many Exchange Traded funds – funds for water, alternate energy, infrastructure, crude, gold, natural gas, home builders, oil sands, REITS, large cap, small cap, growth, value, fundamental, currency and agricultural grains – I could go on

Keep it simple – go top down and study the bigger picture

The frame below is our monthly Global Rotation Table – own the top five and avoid the bottom five – rebalance quarterly. No Currency hedging because we want the diversification. Note the 20-year bonds hitting top 5 in March 2008 and the drops in the Europe, Pacific and Emerging markets 5-months ago

Look for the December 31 rebalance in early January


chrispycrunch said...

What do the rankings mean from left to right? Is the first column for Dec/08, second column Nov/08, etc?

Frank said...

Bill -

I'm new to your blog posts. Is the monthly Global Rotation Table something you post regularly?


Frank said...


I.m new to your excellent blog posts. Do you regularly post the monthly Global Rotation Table? Thanks. said...

Sorry Chrispy for the late reply but yes it reads from left to right monthly. The left most column is Nov 28 said...

Hi Frank and welcome to the blog.

It is an idea that we are throwing around to add the monthly rotation tables for Canada, the US and global, but we are not set on that atm.