Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For GT Blog April 22, 2009

Last February 21, 2009 we at GT suggested a switch from Aurizon Gold (then $5 now $5) to Bank of Nova Scotia (then $24.83 now $33.87). We observed that the best returns occur when taking large positions in a rising stock sector and hold for several months. When this position is sold the proceeds are “rotated” into a new and different emerging stock sector.

This strategy depends on getting two or three trades right per year – you trade less and make more money. You then can spend more time on YouTube, hanging in sports bars, drinking beer, cleaning the barbeque and annoying your neighbours with loud music, leaf blowers and those power wash machines.

This is a trading market – cash is trash – if you wish to be a spectator look at some playoff hockey. The next big trade will be to get the timing right on the switch back from those hot banking stocks into those cold gold stocks - if I get this right (again) I will be a legend in my own mind – many advisors are good at this – hope your one of them

Coming soon – looking for a sell-bank & buy-gold signal

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