Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For GT Blog May 20, 2009

Hello fellow bloggers and stock market participants.

Time for my one and only stock pick - a stock that I will love at least for a few weeks - don't forget we are here for a good time - not a long time

Also remember that if we fall in love with a stock - it will never love us in return - stocks don't know or care who owns them. If your stocks love is not working for you - dump it - run away because there will always be another attractive story for you to embrace

I have had two serious stock affairs so far this year. In early March 2009 I fell in love with Bank of Nova Scotia at $26 and then bailed at $33 when in mid April the attractive Trinidad Energy Services reeled me in at $3.50 - love at first sight

Now at the $5.50 level Trinidad is showing her age - especially in the morning sun and alas, I must move on

I do admit as this bull market up-leg advances most of the attractive stocks are taken - the lower fruit has been picked - and so I must select from more obscure names - and so a filter was need to seek new and early relative out-performers from the TSX data base

TimberWest Forest Corp. (TWF.UN-T) is a land management company. The Company is an owner of private forest lands in Western Canada - sounds like an over-looked recovery play - but the chart tells all - a youthful relative out-perform and a youthful intermediate stock cycle

TimberWest Forest Corp. (TWF.UN-T)

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