Monday, June 8, 2009

For GT Blog June 8, 2009

Let’s listen on a broker client conversation

Broker (investment advisor): The infrastructure stocks are getting really strong

Client: How strong are they?

Broker: They are so strong even the O'Leary Global Infrastructure Fund went up 5 cents this week

Client: Wow – that is really strong we bought the O’Leary fund when on the IPO last December and it is down 10%, how come we just didn’t by SNC Lavalin Group – it is up 26 per cent over the same time period

Broker: That is because we agreed you must be diversified – O’Leary is on several TV shows, he plays a little guitar, he owns a mutual fund business and on top of that he is an investor – just like you.

Client: Your right, let me know when the Don Cherry fund comes out.

Now for some reality – we at Getting Technical ran one of our weekly relative perform filters on the TSX – we were looking for stocks in the early stages of out performance vs. the TSX Composite index. To our surprise the infrastructure stocks dominated the filter selections – have fun and remember – investing and reality TV do not mix

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