Monday, November 9, 2009

The pot calling the kettle black

Sean left a new comment on your post " For GT Blog October 25, 2009":

Kudos Bill. I love your site and subscribe via RSS on myYahoo. I also have a soft spot for your analysis because you - like me - still us Supercharts, even though there are far more fanciful packages available. I have made the same criticisms to colleagues and have not renewed for 8 years because of the chicanery. The last meeting I went to was "guest led" by a Montreal businessman that hounded me for a subscription for years. I would like to point out, however, that your site is not immune from vendorville, as you have Google ads (the latest one promises 700% stock picks) on your site. Remove these and your credibility goes up even further in my view.

GT's reply

Hello Sean

Some very good points - the Google ads on my blog site do have a "sleeze" factor and they will be removed along with other changes to GT's web site. I am going a step further and removing any links or connection to any site or blog posing to be independent and then acting as a shill for advisors trolling for clients. Unfortunately Don Vialoux and his daily reports on has taken this unfortunate path in accepting sponsorship from Castlemoore Inc an advisor who is trolling for clients

Bill Carrigan

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BP said...

I remember a few years back I was having some concerns about the amount of ETFs out there and how some did not track the underlying asset that well. I sent an email to DV and he assured me I had nothing to worry about, then the inverse DCR ETF imploded and multiple articles came out about leveraged ETFs. DV wouldnt comment on any of that because his buddy Howard Aikenson runs BetaPro. Further I have tried to find out how much assets Castlemore under management and their returns but never heard back.

Bill you own some of the stocks you mention, DV Tech Talk always ends with a statement saying Mr Vialoux doesnt own any stocks mentioned. No skin in the game with multiple ads for ETFs and fund management? Draw your own conclusions.