Monday, January 18, 2010

Is it OK to buy XEG now?

A question from Muntazir who has left a new comment on your post "The Perfect Trade?":Is it ok to buy XEG now.

Answer:I would avoid the XEG (TSX Energy) because it is currrently under-performing the XIU (TSX60 Index) - The problem here is the XEG is a bad mix of energy trusts, O&G producers, integrated and oilfield services co's. I am now only interested in the oilfield service co's so some stock picking is needed

Bill Carrigan


Steve said...

Hi Bill,
Any further comment on from your Oct 8th, 2009 blog comment?

Oct 8-Jan 18, CDV is up 28.85%.

Looks like the money is still flowing into the stock.

Steve said...

Hello Steve

I still like CDV for several reasons - the small caps are on the move, the monthly cycle is youthful and the money-flow numbers are strong on the weekly chart. A move over $4 will be a break above a 2-yr base

Bill C