Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something is up with Natural Gas

So how come the price of natural gas is rebounding? The gassy ETFs are now into week 7 of rising prices and the natural gas producers are strong with several posting new 52-week highs. According to some “experts” there is too much natural gas and the glut could last for years. One factor adding to the production glut is those shale deposits along with the modern fracking extraction methods

I wonder if the gulf disaster is a factor here with tighter rules limiting exploration and production? Now we have the safety of fracking in question. The energy industry claims that hydraulic fracturing -- fracking for short -- poses no threat to water supplies or public health. On the other hand the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is using a "transparent, peer-reviewed process" to determine whether the fracking process has contaminated water supplies and degraded land around drilling sites

Our chart is clearly displaying several natural gas producers breaking to new 52-week highs. Now why would that happen if there is too much natural gas? Don’t listen to the experts – listen to the market

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