Friday, July 6, 2012

The VectorVest Challenge

Anyone who follows BNN will eventually get some free advice from the dynamic duo of Cole and John Stevens who claim that when VectorVest suggests to “sell” or advocate to not buy stocks at this time – “you should listen.” VectorVest of course sells a software package that claims in its commercials, “better results than any TV expert or advisor.”

A few years ago I attended a VectorVest user meeting in Buffalo N.Y. There were about 20 attendees – all of whom were experienced investors. I found that one half of the users were satisfied with their investing or trading results and the other one half were not satisfied.   

Some VectorVest user comments are found on:

A partial clip of the comments – with some out of context typos not corrected

Ed Nov 24, 2010
Vector vest is a mixed result trading programam. There several methods that will make stock recommendations. Some are good and some very risky with no specific time frame to hold the stock. I've tried it and gave up because there were way too many methods or approches in which to receive the results. My results were mixed but overall I lost more than I made.

seller Atlanta Nov 23, 2011
I have subscribed to Vectorvest for around 3 years and I would not call it a scam although I have not had good results from the market timing system. Whenever they do their back test demonstration to show you what great results they get they pick a recent bottom and start it from that day. I have never ever gotten the results they say you can get with their strategies. In fact I would say I have been more prone to lose money than win.

jack barnes May 16, 2012 @ 6:47 pm | delete
I Have subscribed to vectorvest for two years and have had mixed results .Jack Barnes

Hedge Apr 11, 2012 @ 11:37 am | delete

OK let us resolve the key VectorVest question – does it work as claimed?

Well we know for sure the dynamic duo of Cole and John Stevens know – so here is a challenge to Cole and John Stevens, let us see your summary of trades. After all when you go on national television and claim something works – prove it!

Send the summary to me at or direst us to your social media site. So just to be sure – we need the summary of trades from your institutional trading platform – not some spreadsheet you created - block the account # that’s OK – we wait with great anticipation.

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dh12 said...

I am betting there will be no reply. None of those systems work. Your only hope is solid research by yourself and do not get sucked into day trading too much. The fewer trades the better other wise you are bound to lose all your capital sooner or later.