Thursday, October 11, 2012

VectorVest Challenge

I see VectorVest and the dynamic trading duo of Cole and John Stevens are back in our face in yet another round of TV commercials. VectorVest sells a software package that claims in its commercials, “better results than any broker, adviser or TV expert.”

“My son and I have both been winners” claims the older Stevens and then he proceeds to caution us nervous business TV viewers, “when they (VectorVest) suggest to “sell” or advocate not to not buy stocks at this time – you should listen.”

A few posts ago about July 12, 2012 I challenged Cole and John Stevens, let us see their summary of trades. After all when you go on national television and claim something works – prove it!

To date I have had no response from VectorVest or from the dynamic trading duo.

So let us move on to plan “B”. I note that VectorVest are displaying their software stock analysis and portfolio management system at the World MoneyShow – Toronto Metro Convention Centre from October 18 through October 20.

The plan: I assume at the MoneyShow interested investors & traders will listen to the VectorVest claims of “better results” etc. BUT – before you commit – ask for proof of “winning” as claimed by the dynamic trading duo of Cole and John Stevens in national television. If they refuse this reasonable request – walk away.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I would think I would be a member of Vector Vest's target audience and all it does for me is leave me nauseous. The good news is the advertising revenue brings us some decent programming.