Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Apple earnings disappointment no surprise:

At the close April 26, 2016 the shares of Apple Inc. closed at about $104 and after the close the business media lead with, “Apple's revenue falls for first time in 13 years” To the technical analyst who looks at very long term charts – today was no surprise so let us re-visit a post of last June 2015 - with the original chart, and I quote.

“I see Apple Inc as built a triple top on a point & figure chart. I love P&F charts because most of the squiggly line guys never use them.

Apple Inc was added to the DJII March 2015 suggesting that Apple is in transition from a growth stock to a value stock. In other words – the great 2001 – 2015 growth period may be over. Some past DJII growth to value stocks - Cisco Systems added in June 2009. Bank of America and Chevron added in February 2008, Intel and Microsoft were added in November 1999

Honeywell was dropped from the Dow in February 2008 and has doubled in price – now a true growth winner – Alcoa also doubled in price after being dropped in September 2013

Our chart – monthly of Apple Inc displays the progressively shorter growth periods – this may cause some momentum loss in the broader technology sector


Shawn Severin said...

You were 100% correct about BRK. Do you think QQQ & tech lags the market from here? What do you think will lead?

Gettingtechnical.com said...


Good question

I think the new leaders are technology and the industrial sectors

The QQQ could be hobbled by the health care stocks

Bill C