Monday, March 2, 2009

For GT Blog March 03, 2009

Cycle Summation

All price movements are the simple addition of all active cycles. For example, a 20 day cycle is made up of two 10 day cycles and the 10 day cycles is made up of two 5 day cycles, etc.

All price patterns are formed by the interaction of two or more different cycles.

The longer monthly cycle maps out the longer term dominant theme and the weekly or intermediate cycle maps out the shorter trading theme

There are usually three weekly cycles in the bull skew of the monthly cycle

There are usually two weekly cycles in the bear skew of the monthly cycle

Cisco Sys Inc- the next weekly up should introduce the next long term bull

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Canadian Money said...

I agree, there are cycles in the stock market. However, the cycles I observe have no fixed time period. Time is one of the variables.

I see a high probability that CSCO will fall below its 2002 low (~$9) before this bear is over.