Tuesday, September 1, 2009

For GT Blog September 01, 2009

Over-trading can trigger anti-social behaviour - I drink alone - I am crabby - I frighten small children - I don't fit the norm - I don't cut my toe nails - I don't "fit in" - I like younger women - I don't read Rob Carrick - I drink too much coffee - l hate mutual fund ads - I think Kevin O'Leary is a used car salesmen.

I grow tired of gold bugs who thrive on bad news - the banks are risky - hedge funds are blowing up - the auto business is crap - you can't trust financial statements - real estate sucks - the consumer is dead - global warming - Chinese plastic everywhere - to much crappy Ontario wine at the LCBO - and now a Mission Impossible 3 movie - all too much too cope with - The gold bugs were wrong last year but this year could be their year - so time for a cold beer and to take a second look at those gold stocks - besides Dennis Gartman says if gold goes up it will go higher and if gold goes down it will go lower

Our gold stock Vs. Gold bullion chart illustrates the gold stocks under-performance Vs. bullion leading into the mid 2008 financial crisis - the gold stocks were eventually caught up in the asset liquidation of September - November 2009.

Now the relationship has changed with the gold stocks out performing the bullion price - perhaps a bullish sign for a big advance in the last quarter of 2009 -

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Trader said...

Two things that bug me though: the guys selling coins on tv and the claim that gold is good in both inflation AND deflation..