Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For GT Blog September 08, 2009

We got some big news last week according to The Globe, after scooping up the dominant domestic specialty lingerie chain, La Senza, in early 2007, the parent of Victoria's Secret is finally bringing its high-profile brand to Canada. Next month, it will open its first four Victoria's Secret Pink outlets here, starting in Ontario, catering to the lingerie demands of teens and twenty-something’s.

If they do an IPO in Canada don’t even think of investing – the math is terrible. We have a business that only sells only to young females or about 20% of the population. Cut that in half because according to Health Canada the proportion of obese children has nearly tripled in the last 25 years so now their target market is about 10% of the population. I think more people watched Kevin O'Leary’s last show on BNN

Gold on the other hand is loved by all and Dennis Gartman says if gold goes up it will go higher and if gold goes down it will go lower -

Our long term monthly chart illustrates the structure of the current secular uptrend of bullion. A secular up trend is a long term advance (12+ years) that is interrupted by shorter bull and bear cycles – usually about 5 in total – we are now beginning cycle 4 and so this could be the last big advance for the complex – keep in mind the last cycle (5) does not necessarily make a new high – and remember with gold we are here for a good time – not a long time


Sean said...

Gartman is now on the sidelines with respect to gold. Calls the Barrick new issue a top (and cites 85% bullish %)

Sean said...

sorry he said he sold half his position but said Barrick's news has the 'look' of a top....tread lightly then or tread not at all in gold...

Piazzi said...


Sometimes I can't say if you are serious or being a tad sarcastic. I find the Gartman quote quite funny and think he stole it from Newton's first law, or maybe the second law

Short term, HUI looks a bit stretched and shows some internal divergences, I think miners can do one more push before consolidating a bit

I posted some breadth charts here