Thursday, December 19, 2013

Selling into strength

Yesterday’s big rally on the Dow to 16167.97 - UP 292.71 points or 1.84% was a new record high. The Dow is also up 146.95% from its Bear low of 6547.05 hit 3/9/2009. The S&P500 also closed at a new all-time high – but the NYSE advance / decline line did not confirm the current bullish stampede. I will display a chart – next post.

Here at GT we are selling our CDN Multi-National selections of April 26, 2012 that has returned about 63% to date. A clip from a Getting Technical letter Interim Update December 18, 2013 GT1419 TSX Comp 13335 DJII 16168 – “Cyclic peaks in many Stock sectors suggest we sell into the current period of seasonal strength.”


“Canadian Multi-Nationals - We take advantage of the current bullish stampede into equities. It has been a great 20-month run but with all components at long and intermediate term cyclic peaks - we liquidate all positions - only laggard Bombardier could be retained. The final returns will be based at the close of December 24, 2013

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